Madrid and it’s image


Madrid and it’s image

Have you ever visited this beautiful european capital? Madrid is like a “Pandora’s Box”, in the good sense of the expression, it’s so full of exciting streets, buildings, history, monuments, districts (one very different to the other). squares with top-atmosphere and a lot more to experience. Madrid is an open and modern city respiring it’s past in all corners and details. Perhaps a little more descreet than other capitals… Did you know that the image/brand of Madrid is a bear? “El oso y el madroño”, The bear and the strawberry tree, it is located in Puerta del Sol. This small statue symbolizes the fact that Madrid was thought to be named “ursa” because of the bears living in the woods nearby, sorrounded by the “madroño” trees with fruits looking like strawberries :) And why is the brand/image of Madrid not the precious and fantastic “Plaza Mayor”? It has all the ingredients of a symbol (history, architecture, atmosphere). What do you think? And if you have not yet visited Madrid, we can find just the special places and the perfect time of the year for you….


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