Siesta or Fiesta


Siesta or Fiesta

Spain is so know for it’s siesta, this short nap taken after the midday meal, allthough is it considered a healthy habit and of common practice in a lot of areas around the world such as most mediterranean countries south of Europe, Hispanic American countries,  Phillipines but also China, Taiwan, India, Middle East or North Africa….

The spanish name “siesta” comes from the old roman sun calendar expresion “sixth hour” which would be about 12 o’clock sun hour, about 14.00 when a break in the daily work was needed (and in hot climates especially, when the sun is burning at it’s most). Well done that Spain is considered the “inventor” of this good practice, good marketing!!

Modern scientists have confirmed that this short nap is very beneficial for everybody, particularly in our stressed societies so for Spain this must be another example of their good habits with common sense…. Another thing is if they can practice it, in most of the big cities nowadays the siesta has almost disappeared. Because of the hot climate in the south it’s more likely to continue as an official “break” there.

Perhaps this siesta/nap is one of the reasons why the spanish people is so fond of “fiestas”, they stay up longer than anyone (also working) enjoying just to be together and having company whether this take place in the “pueblo” (everybody comes from a pueblo and very proud of this), in private or  organized by the city halls (8.000 of them). Important to say that due in part to the climate here, a great deal of the year invites to spend time in the streets, outside. You can meet spanish people queuing in the traffic at 3 o’clock at night…. (and they get up next morning on job at 9). So fond of fiestas, is that because of the nice and happy character of the people from the south and the sun or is it because of centuries of different and changing governments and systems….

The spanish people (in general) is a folk of common sense, proud of their origin and loving their fiestas and time to breathe and relax, do you agree with me??


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