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Whether we are talking about organizing an experience in which surprise your employees or an important meeting where you to want to approach differently to a potential customer, Curious Events has the tools to meet you enquiries. When we organize a business trip for you,...


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In Curious Events we work for your dream to come true. We bring the term tourism to a superior level offering a much more advanced, personalized and professional service. We create experiences!. How do we do? Over 15 years in the industry has allowed us...


Your Gastronomy Experience

Spain has incomparable culinary variety. Thanks to the multicultural heritage, all the regions of Spain offer a highly differentiated food. From the Mediterranean diet, on the southern coast, to the elaborated stew that you can find in the north of Spain. Not forgetting the best...


Ecological Environment

Organizing an ecological journey has many possibilities. But the main premise is always the same: get to know the country without damaging the environment. Spain has a wide range of ecological experiences, thanks to the latent rural culture and heritage. You can visit forest plantations: different...